Bringing S.E.S.E. to Life

Course Overview

This course will meet all your needs for teaching SESE in a creative, exploratory and child-centred way. It will draw on active learning methodologies, technology integration and inquiry-based learning STEM/STEAM ideas to truly bring SESE to life in your classroom. With something for everyone from Juniors - 6th Class, “Bringing SESE to Life” will introduce leading SESE within your school and reflecting on whole-school practice.

Learn how to create and meaningfully assess inquiry-based projects with your students. Explore demonstrating your class’s work in innovative and creative ways, with both digital presentations and physical displays in the classroom. The learning environment, learning experiences and learning outcomes of the students will all be considered within this course. This course was created by subject experts and authors of the new “Let’s Discover” Programme from CJ Fallon.

Our learning outcomes

The participants will be enabled to:
  • Engage in a variety of active learning practices and methodologies to support learning in SESE Subjects.
  • Use technology to support learning in SESE subjects.
  • Create engaging STEM and STEAM activities and challenges in the classroom.
  • Critically reflect on the teaching and learning within their SESE classes and explore leading SESE within schools.

About the Author

Grace Chawke

Grace and Paul are siblings and best friends. Grace is currently teaching in Murroe National School, a rural school in Co. Limerick. Grace has a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy, a Masters in Education and she was awarded a Vere Foster medal for Outstanding Performance in School Experience.

Paul O'Callaghan

Paul is a Deputy Principal and Special Education Teacher in Lucan CNS, a developing primary school in Co. Dublin with over 300 pupils. Paul has a B.Ed. with Music, Postgraduate Certificate in 21st Century Teaching and Learning, Postgraduate Diploma in Special Educational Needs and M.Ed. in Leadership and Management.

Course Access & Certification

This course runs from Monday 4th July - Friday 19th August.

Registration is now open and the last date for registration is Wednesday 17th August.

Access to the course closes at 5pm on 19th August for all participants.


This course is approved for E.P.V. certification by the Department of Education

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