Registration and Course Payment Questions

How much do the courses cost?

All our courses cost €59 until the 30th of June (Early Bird Offer) and then from the 1st July they revert to the usual price of €69. Please note there are no discounts for multiple buy offers and all our course fees are non-refundable.

Are these courses eligible for EPV days?

All of our online courses are eligible for EPV days* -  the more courses you complete, the more EPV days you receive:
*1 online course – 3 EPV days
*2 online courses – 4 EPV days
*3 online courses – 5 EPV days

How can I enrol on a course - or do I have to create an account first?

Please follow these easy steps to enrol on a course:
  1. Browse the list of courses available at the bottom of the homepage.  (You can view full course details without creating an account by clicking on  'Course Information'  at the top of the homepage.
  2. When you click on a course title you will be prompted to either sign in or create an account on this site.  You must create an account in order to actually enrol on a course.  (If you did a course last year with us, your account details will still be active.) You can alternatively select 'Log in as Guest' to view full course blurbs, however you can only enrol on a course when you have an account of your own.
  3. Once you have created an account/signed into your account you will then be able to enrol on a course. 

If you experience any difficulties confirming your account please email

I have forgotten my login details. Please help!

  • Please double check that you are using the correct username and password that you created when you booked and paid for your course.
  • Click on the link "Forgotten your username or password?" 
  • Enter your email address to have a reset link sent to that email address
  • This will arrive within 2 minutes (check spam folder if it does not)
If you have any difficulties please email

How will I pay for my course?

  • Select the course you would like to book
  • Select "Click to Find Out More".
  • Login with your account details or create a new account.
  • Fill in your Credit/Debit card details on the Stripe payment section of the course page. 
  • After payment, you will be taken directly to your course homepage.

I don’t want to do the course anymore/ I won't be able to finish it on time/ I have found another one I would prefer to do with another provider. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately not! All our fees are non refundable.

Frequently Asked Questions - General

How do I access the course I booked?
Login at the top of the page with the username and password that you created when purchasing your course.  You will then be brought straight to your ‘Dashboard’.  Your chosen course title will be visible there and simply click on it to access it.


When can I start my course and what is the final date for completion?

Mayo Education Centres courses are run in accordance with the Department of Education criteria.  Courses open on Monday, 1st July 2024 and must be completed by Friday, 16th August 2024. The last date for registering for most courses is Wednesday 14th August 2024.

*Please take special care to note the start and end date of your course, as some courses are not running for the whole duration of the summer. Extensions will not be possible after the closing date of your course, as tutors will not be available.

You may start working on your course at any stage between these dates, making sure to allow yourself enough time to meet all the course criteria before the course closing date of your course. 


How many hours of study must I do?

Each course requires at a minimum 20 hours of study, of which at least 10 of these hours must be online.  Study and coursework must be carried out over a minimum of 3 days. The 3 days do not have to be consecutive days but rather cumulative. 

Will there be further discounts during the summer or special offers for more than one course?

The only offer available this year is an Early Bird offer of €59 until the 30th June. After this date the price will be €69. We will not be offering any further reductions or discounts for multi buys.

Can I book in for my colleague?

No. We require specific information for each individual and each participant must agree to the terms and conditions of the site before they can create an account.

I think I may have paid for my course twice?

Please check your online banking and emails to see if there has been a double payment and booking. If so please contact and we can arrange a refund of one of the payments. 

I booked the wrong course or I want to change courses?

This is no problem, once you haven’t actually started the course you are currently enrolled in. 

What does the course content entail?

Completion requirements are as follows:
•            There are 5 modules in total in each online course. Each module will have a mixture of reading content, audio or video content, activities, quizzes, assignments and forums. These must all be completed in each module to gain access to the next module.
•            Module Forums require that you contribute at least twice – once by starting a discussion and once by responding to another participant’s discussion.
•            You must also complete a Personal Learning Journal as you progress through the course. The purpose of the Personal Learning Journal is to enable you to create a record of your learning throughout this course which you can save for your own records after the course is closed.
•            Complete a course evaluation section for course approval.
•            Each course requires at a minimum 20 hours of study, of which at least 10 of these hours must be online.  Study and coursework must be carried out over a minimum of 3 days. The 3 days do not have have to be consecutive days but rather cumulative. 

I have emailed my tutor but they aren’t responding?

Tutors usually respond swiftly and within a few hours of your query.  Please give your tutor 24 hours to return your message as they are online at different times during the day and you may have just missed them.  If you haven’t heard from your tutor within this timeframe, contact and we will assist you.

What support is available to me on my course?

Your Course Tutor is your first port of call in relation to any content related question you may have.  They can be contacted through the Moodle messaging service in your course. Technical queries relating to passwords, course access and registration, broken links etc should be emailed to  For help relating to using the course fora, navigation etc please refer to the in-course FAQ's and the tutorial videos.

Can I do this course if I have a PC/Tablet or Mobile Phone?

Yes, you can do this course if you have a tablet or mobile phone, but the preferred option is a PC or laptop as there are less technical issues experienced while using these devices.

Do I have access to the course content after the 16th of August?

No, the course content will close after the 16th of August.  Note that your certificate will still be available to download after this date through your profile page, by clicking on 'My Certificates'.

Can I get an extension, I didn’t realise the completion date was on the 16th of August.

Unfortunately not!  The tutors have completed their approvals and will no longer be available after this date for checking late submissions. This is the date set by the Department of Education.   All courses must end on the 16th of August 2024.

What's the latest date I can pay and sign up to a course?

The latest date to sign up for a course for the Early Bird offer is the 30th of June.  After this date the courses will be open for registration for €69.  The last date for new registrations is the 14th August 2024. 

What happens if the tutor is not satisfied with everything I have done?
The tutor will give you detailed feedback on what aspects of your course work needs to be improved. If time then allows, you may then return to the course and amend/add to your work in response to the tutors comments.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you leave enough time for this revision/addition of your work to take place.  If for example you apply for course approval on the last day of the course and the tutor is not happy with your work, you will not then receive course approval as there is no time left for you to revise your submissions. 

Can I download the course content?

All courses have downloadable options.  All of your own contributions to the course can be easily downloaded and printed out in one collated file.

I’ve completed my course but my application for course approval hasn’t yet been completed?

Grading isn’t automatic. It requires the tutor to review your course contributions to ensure you have fully engaged with the course content and that you satisfy all of the Department of Education criteria for the awarding of certification.  You should receive approval within 24 hours of completion and applying for course approval. If you haven’t received a response inside this timeframe, please send a message to your tutor.  In previous years we have experienced a high volume of applications for course approval on or just before the closing date.  Students may experience longer delays in receiving approval if the application is submitted in the final week of the course. 

How do I access my course certificate?

When you have successfully completed your course, your EPV Certificate will be unlocked for you to download to your computer.  You can also access your certificate through your profile page.  Click on your name on the top right hand corner click profile and in the miscellaneous box click on 'My Certificates'.
WARNING: Download and save your course certificate to your computer as soon as it becomes available to you, and email it to yourself as a backup.  Your certificate will NOT be available on this site after the last working day of September.  An administration fee will apply if you need a duplicate certificate issued. 

Other Queries?
If you have any other queries, please contact us at