Explore the Seashore-Creative Curricular Learning & Skills Development

Course Overview

The Explorers Education Programme online course aims to provide engaging activities, resources, and support for teachers to incorporate Marine Content through Science, Maths, English, Geography, and the Arts into the class curriculum.

Launched in 2006, the Explorers Education Programme, funded and supported by the Marine Institute promotes ocean awareness, knowledge, and engagement, as well as supports ocean literacy and marine education in primary schools in Ireland.

By learning about the ocean literacy concepts; enabling us to understand the influence of the ocean on us and our influence on the ocean; as well as supporting engagement with the UN Sustainable Development Goals 12 and 14, teachers will be able to incorporate marine themes with a range of primary subjects and learning methodologies. Through a series of seashore focuses videos and activities participants will explore

  • Biodiversity, and adaptation to the life on the shore,
  • Sustainability fisheries and future of our coastal ecosystems
  • Environmental awareness and care, and design and make
  • Outdoor learning and planning fieldwork
  • Using ICT to bring the Ocean into the classroom
  • Methods for SSE and exploring work samples and self-reflection tools
  • The course provides teachers the opportunity to develop their individual and collective skills through the delivery of ocean literacy concepts and learning about the seashore online as well as through nature. The teachers will become proactive in:

  • Assessing their own abilities as well as positively contributing to understanding the importance of the ocean
  • Being able to communicate about the ocean in a meaningful way
  • Using these skills to make informed and responsible decisions regarding the ocean and its resources in line with SDG14
  • Based over 5 modules, participants will use a range of pre-recorded video content, teacher resources, workbooks, and lesson plans to complete tasks. On completion participants can request a pack of Explorers Educational Resources to be sent to their school.

    For more information see www.explorers.ie

    Learning outcomes

    • A broad range of cross curricular activities where they will develop their skills, ability and competency in active engagement
    • Inclusive discussion and opportunities for facilitating challenging conversations though online platforms moderated by e-tutors and course director

    About the Author

    Explorers Team

    This course has been compiled and created by members of the Explorers Education Programme, funded and supported by the Marine Institute. The Team includes a diverse range of Marine Educators, based around Ireland, who between them have over 30 years’ experience of engaging with primary schools, teachers, children, and the education network, creating marine leaders and ocean champions in Ireland.

    They include Cushla Dromgool Regan, from Camden Education Trust, who are responsible for the strategic development and management of the Programme. The delivery of the Explorers Education Programme is further supported by the team from Galway Atlantaquaria, Dr. Noirin Burke, Rory Mc Avinney and Dr. Maria Vittoria Marra who provides support services to the management and outreach teams. The Explorers outreach and education is facilitated by several centres throughout Ireland, including Leave no Trace Ireland, Galway Atlantaquaria, Sea Synergy, Old Cork Waterworks Experience and Marine Dimensions.

    The goals of the Explorers Team are to:

  • EDUCATE and INSPIRE primary school children, teachers, and the education network in Ireland to adopt the ocean literacy concepts and principles, as well as support the engagement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • COORDINATE professional development training and workshops for teachers, trainee teachers, and outreach teams, with the development of their marine literacy skills, promoting the use of marine content in line with the national curriculum.
  • DEVELOP education materials and resources that can be used to teach children about the value of Ireland’s marine resource, the importance of our ocean and marine heritage, through STEM and STEAM projects, cross curricular modules, lesson plans and activities in the classroom and on the seashore.
  • PROMOTE ocean literacy and marine outreach activities with local communities, educators and influencers through events and media, so as to create dialogue and engagement about our ocean.

  • Course Access & Certification

    This course runs from Monday 1st July - Friday 16th August.

    Registration is now open and the last date for registration is Wednesday 14th August.

    Access to the course closes at 5pm on 16th August for all participants.


    This course is approved for E.P.V. certification by the Department of Education

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