Múineadh na Gramadaí sa Seomra Ranga

Course Overview

This course will help teachers in the senior classes tackle all things ‘múineadh na gramadaí’ in the classroom. It will focus on what to teach and when, and explore the place of grammar within the PLC. It will provide participants with an overview of individual short and long term planning for teaching Irish grammar and also explore the role whole school planning can play.

The course will look at how to structure a grammar lesson, and delve into many of the grammar topics that present in the classroom with a variety of teaching ideas that are child-centred, fun and practical. Participants will investigate a range of resources to assist the teaching of Irish grammar and also come away with a goodie-bag of Is Múinteoir Mé grammar resources. *This course does not focus on developing your own understanding of grammatical rules, but rather how to teach them in the classroom.

Learning outcomes

  • Be encouraged and supported to engage in SSE to assess and evaluate their current practice in teaching 'Gramadach na Gaeilge' in the classroom
  • Explore the role and importance of teaching ‘Gramadach na Gaeilge’ as part of their Irish instruction and where it fits into the Primary Language Curriculum
  • Explore ‘Gramadach na Gaeilge’ through the lens of short-term, long-term and whole school planning
  • Be enabled to carry out assessment for learning in relation to ‘gramadach na Gaeilge’ to determine on which learning outcomes their teaching should be focused
  • Explore an effective, child-led ‘Gramadach na Gaeilge’ lesson and be enabled to put such lessons into place in their classrooms
  • Investigate many ‘Gramadach na Gaeilge’ topics in great detail and acquire a vast variety of teaching methods and learning experiences to support this learning in the classroom
  • Discover an array of teaching resources available to support them with teaching ‘Gramadach na Gaeilge’
  • consider how station teaching can be an effective teaching strategy for the teaching of ‘Gramadach na Gaeilge'

About the Author

Aislinn Nic Pháidín

Aislinn has been working as a primary school teacher since 2013 and has a passion for all things education, but in particular the teaching of Gaeilge.

Her love for Gaeilge stems from her experience at both primary and secondary level, having attended a Gaelscoil and Gaelcholáiste in Co. Kildare.

Despite her own love for the language, Aislinn recognises that not all teachers have the same experience, attitude or confidence . Is Múinteoir Mé was founded by Aislinn Nic Pháidín in 2020 and through Is Múinteoir Mé, Aislinn creates high quality Gaeilge resources for teachers to use within the classroom.

She also delivers training courses to teachers across the country to support various different aspects of 'múineadh na Gaeilge' and hopes to make Gaeilge exciting and accessible for all teachers and pupils.


This course runs in two iterations as follows:

  • First iteration: Monday 1st July - Friday 19th July. Registration Now Closed (3 weeks)
  • Second iteration: Monday 29th July - Friday 16th August. (3 weeks)

Registration is subject to availability.

Access to courses closes at 5pm on the final date for each iteration as stated above.
Please note that there is NO FACILITY to change between iterations or to extend the time available for course completion.
This course is approved for E.P.V. certification by the Department of Education

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