Navigating Challenging Behaviour in the Primary School

Course Overview

From Conflict to Connection. In this innovative online course, you will gain insights, practical support & advice from Debbie Cullinane (mother of 2, former teacher, and child and adolescent psychotherapists specialising in play therapy) and leave empowered to teach in a way that feels good.

Teaching is one of the most rewarding & challenging roles and navigating behaviours can often feel like an uphill battle. But what if we can move from conflict into connection?

There is no one size fits all. Your teaching style and authenticity is personal to YOU. However, we can reflect, learn, grow & change. We CAN be good enough teachers.

Learning outcomes

  • Explore our Use of Self as teachers & how we can reflect on our teaching methodologies and make changes, where necessary
  • Reflect on what factors influence behaviour and how we can provide a safe learning environment to help every child to flourish
  • Explore how we can have an inclusive approach and move from reactive to responsive
  • Learn effective communication techniques that will help you connect with children on a deeper level
  • Get set for CONSISTENT Limit Setting
  • Discover inclusive positive & playful strategies that promote cooperation and self-regulation while minimizing conflict and power struggles
  • Get actionable, inclusive strategies & tools to build into every day school- life and implement immediately
  • Learn about how the brain works, so we can view behaviour through a different lens & learn about pre-regulation, navigating & validating big feelings.. And SO MUCH MORE

About the Author

Debbie Cullinane

Debbie Cullinane is a parent of 2, former primary school teacher, qualified child and adolescent psychotherapist, play therapist and runs her own private practice in Claremorris.

She is an experienced training facilitator and course author. She is sensory and development partner with Smyths Toys Superstores, since 2021.

Debbie works with 2 Childhood Cancer Charities and was named Network Mayo’s Emerging Businesswoman of the Year 2023. She is passionate about empowering teachers in their role, with over 1100 primary teachers completing her online summer courses in 2023.


This course runs in two iterations as follows:

  • First iteration: Monday 1st July - Friday 19th July. Course Fully Booked(3 weeks)
  • Second iteration: Monday 29th July - Friday 16th August. (3 weeks)

Registration is subject to availability.

Access to courses closes at 5pm on the final date for each iteration as stated above.
Please note that there is NO FACILITY to change between iterations or to extend the time available for course completion.
This course is approved for E.P.V. certification by the Department of Education

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